RFI (English service)

RFI is the leading French international news channel, whose mission is to provide a French perspective on international and national current affairs.

It broadcasts worldwide on a 24/7 basis in 13 languages via its FM network, the Internet, mobile telephones, cable and satellite.

With a unique network of 600 journalists and special correspondents, RFI reacts quickly and locally, providing its listeners with the best of current affairs. Every day, thanks to the expertise of its editorial team and the strong and constant desire to give detailed accounts and contrasting viewpoints, listeners can have a better understanding of the world in all its diversity.

The rebroadcast of RFI in Taiwan is being negotiated by the mobile and internet network Chunghwa Telecom.

An international news Website http://www.english.rfi.fr/

www.rfi.fr provides current affairs coverage on a 24/7 basis in 13 languages. News is explained, analyzed and put into perspective with reports from our expert journalists. Free access to photos, maps (audio) interviews and archives gives Internet visitors a better understanding of current affairs.

The French language news site is structured in five sections: the news, live or on demand (listening via podcasts), sport (notably our unrivalled expertise in African football), culture and science. Our foreign language sites offer radio programs and news articles and a Mandarin Web radio broadcasts 24 hours a day.

RFI’s journalists’ blogs offer another perspective on current affairs and enable direct exchanges with Website visitors and listeners.

Radio France Internationale on your mobile phone

The mobile site http://m.rfi.fr or http://mobile.rfi.fr, which is a variation of the rfi.fr site, allows listeners to tune in to both live RFI broadcasts and on-demand RFI services, as well as to follow live news by continent or by country.

Thanks to the RFI-MCD mobile application, available on Apple, Symbian, Android, Windows and Bada network operators, users can listen to all RFI’s broadcasts in 13 languages: French, English, Arabic, Cambodian, Spanish, Hausa, Mandarin, Persian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swahili and Vietnamese.

Furthermore, text alerts on mobile phones are now available.

rfimusic.com, a benchmark music Website http://www.rfimusic.com/

Information, biographies, discographies and tour schedules of several hundred artists are available on rfimusique.com which offers a unique and permanently updated database with rock from Brazil, hip-hop from Ouagadougou, electro from Japan, etc. Rfimusique’s web-reporters travel the globe to bring the latest music and music news to its audience.

Teach and learn French http://www.rfi.fr/lfen/statiques/accueil.asp

RFI’s French Website includes a space devoted to the learning and teaching of the French language. Visitors can familiarize themselves with French and teachers can download topical tools for their lessons. The “Journal en français facile” (or The news in simple French) is specifically written for people learning French and is also available on this Website.

In July 2011, RFI and TVMONDE launched the “Learn French with the news” iPhone application. This app allows users to be informed and to learn and improve their knowledge of a continually evolving language, i.e. the kind of French spoken in the media.