TV5MONDE is the global leading generalist channel, broadcasting programmes in French 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Taiwan since 1996. TV5MONDE offers a wide diversity of programs: information, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, youth programming but also a wide variety of films, fiction, documentaries and magazines subtitled in English.

Today, TV5MONDE Asia signal is now accessible to more than 1000 000 Taiwanese homes with its resumption on digital platforms of Kbro, MOD, and CNS. TV5MONDE Pacific signal is also available in high definition, on Dish satellite platform.

Here are the channels on the major Taiwanese cable operators.


Chunghwa Telecom–MOD(211)
Vee Telecom Multimedia–VEE TV (210)


CNS–DTV-bbtv (401)
Power Ful Cable TV- DTV(138)
Netwave Cable TV–DTV (138)
Taiwan Broadband–DTV/New TV (345)
CYC & KUO-SHEN Cable TV–DTV(125)

TV5MONDE official channel of the international organization of la Francophonie, endorsed for more than 10 years in various institutions such as the Association of Universities of the Francophonie, (Montreal, Canada), the CAVILAM (Vichy, France) and the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium), to develop and make available a set of free-of-charge French foreign language learning materials dedicated to students and professors of French around the world. This pedagogical system is composed of many tools available on several media to better address learners of all levels, which include:

“Première Classe”

For the beginners, internet site proposes simple and varied interactive exercises, based on video extracts from the channel of TV5MONDE. The lessons are organized by themes (for example greetings or recreation) and each theme is a series of 20 exercises and “culminating in an end-of-course.” The entire “Première Classe” is now available in four languages (French, English, German and Spanish), and other languages such as Japanese, Korean and traditional Chinese are currently in preparation.

Website offers intermediate and advanced level learners a wide variety of exercises and themes (international news to music videos via recipes), and a module of preparation for the “Test de connaissance du français” (TCF). In addition, the programme “7 Jours sur la Planète” (every Saturdays at 11:30 on TV5MONDE Asia Taipei) offers the weekly retrospective international news, designed and presented in the perspective of educational use and subtitled in French.

Useful Links

TV5MONDE website (in English)

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